On Being Sick and Getting Well

Health is not something to mess around with.
Nothing is worth getting sick over.
When you are sick you are useless to yourself and the world.
Therefore it is not good to be sick.
Stress makes us sick.
Worry, anxiety and over-doing-it make us sick.
Then when you're sick you may feel guilty or stressed about being sick.
You think of all that needs to be done (whether it be fun stuff or work stuff),
you think of what others may be saying about you while you're away, sick.
-It's sad but true- there are always people that talk behind the backs of those injured or sick.
It's one of those not-so-flattering aspects of human nature.
How can we take better care of ourselves?
How can we avoid getting sick?
How can we stop pushing it to the limit every day?
I know how.
We can put ourselves first.
We can respect, appreciate and honor what our bodies are telling us,
whether it be in the form of a whisper or a scream.
...I love and appreciate my life.
I am worthy of feeling good and healthy.
I owe it to myself and the world to take care of myself and not get stressed out.
In a stressed out, anxious state I am no good to anyone, including myself.
The world keeps spinning when I'm out of circuit for a day or two, or a month or two if need be.
Taking care of myself is the most basic, fundamental and important thing I can do on a daily basis.
If I do not take care of myself and stay healthy I cannot serve my purpose in this world, whatever it may be.

*Initially written on a piece of paper with a pen in bed.
I was sickly for approximately one whole month.
A laryngologist diagnosed me with nodules on my vocal cords which are basically calluses.
They're caused by strain, overuse and speaking the wrong way. I was losing my voice off and on and feeling strain to talk. Then I got a cold on top of that. ...It sucked!
Thankfully I'm pretty much back to my natural, healthy state. Being healthy is the natural state for all of us.
It's not natural to be sick. We have to ask ourselves, "what's going on with me, where am I overdoing it?" when we're sick.
Getting sick or having accidents is life's way of giving us a kick in the butt, telling us, "chill out! you need to rest!"
We must listen and try to learn each time we get sick or have an accident. There's always something to learn.