Dealing with the move on an emotional level

Written 11-10, at night, on paper, with a pen:

I miss my old neighborhood.
I miss siting outside, taking in the charismatic, ever-fresh air and energy of SoBe.
I feel resentful and angry at myself for moving.
Why did I 'make myself' move?
Why did I force myself away from a place I loved, overall, and knew I loved?
Why do I deny myself happiness?
Why can't I better embrace my new neighborhood?
Why can't I appreciate it more?
My inner child is screaming out, rebelling.
Does this moving experience remind me of that far-off, seemingly forgotten time...
from the formative years, ages 11-13, I live in a neighborhood I absolutely adored.
 In the Highlands, Louisville, KY., I could walk or ride my bike everywhere.
There were interesting , local shops by the dozen, colorful people, unique restaurants on every block, a nice park 2 blocks from home, pretty, historical architecture and lovely, enormous trees.
All my best friends lived within a 2 mile radius, it was great!
Then I was ripped from my neighborhood.
We moved to a part of town I absolutely despised when my mom married an man who had a house in that area.
I hated everything about it.
I despised the cheap siding and fake rock paneling on the cheesy houses.
I hated the names of the subdivisions, named after the very trees and lakes that were destroyed to build them in the first place.
I couldn't stand that it was a solid 1/2 hour walk to  the bus stop where I could catch a bus to my beloved stomping grounds, my former neighborhood.
I often resorted to to the practice of hitch hiking; luckily I was never killed, raped or kidnapped!

So... could it be that there is some old, built up resentment regarding moving away from a cherished neighborhood?
I believe the answer to that is Yes.
But, it's not all bad. At least my adolescence experience helped teach me the value and importance of living in a neighborhood you truly love.
Over the past 2 weeks I've been moody and depressive. I better find a way to get over it.
Now I am an adult.
 No one forced me to move. Time is on my side, blah, blah, blah.
Bottom line, life is too short to make and live with decisions that interfere with one's ongoing pursuit of happiness, at least if they're indeed decisions one can change.
We are saving our money and within a year HOPE to be able to buy a condo in an art deco bldg. in South Beach. If we cannot buy we will rent.
Thanks in advance for good vibes. :)