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Every Day Revelations- Poem

I have a bed to lay my head
I have a home to call my own
I have a man that doesn't roam
I have good health, that's better than wealth
I have a bird that constantly talks but doesn't know a word
I have a cat that a car hasn't made go splat
I have a vision, a seed of faith that keeps me safe
I have a car that takes me near and far
I have a job that sometimes makes me sob
I have a family that's always there for me
I have stuff to eat, that keeps me on beat
I have rhythm for when I get the blues
I have 4 dogs; they're softer and sweeter than frogs
I have hundreds of simple reasons to say the word revelation
and had this revelation without even having to take a vacation. :)

Dealing with the move on an emotional level

Written 11-10, at night, on paper, with a pen:

I miss my old neighborhood.
I miss siting outside, taking in the charismatic, ever-fresh air and energy of SoBe.
I feel resentful and angry at myself for moving.
Why did I 'make myself' move?
Why did I force myself away from a place I loved, overall, and knew I loved?
Why do I deny myself happiness?
Why can't I better embrace my new neighborhood?
Why can't I appreciate it more?
My inner child is screaming out, rebelling.
Does this moving experience remind me of that far-off, seemingly forgotten time...
from the formative years, ages 11-13, I live in a neighborhood I absolutely adored.
 In the Highlands, Louisville, KY., I could walk or ride my bike everywhere.
There were interesting , local shops by the dozen, colorful people, unique restaurants on every block, a nice park 2 blocks from home, pretty, historical architecture and lovely, enormous trees.
All my best friends lived within a 2 mile radius, it was great!
Then I w…