22 Things to love about South Beach

1.) The atypical pink-colored clay sidewalks in residential areas
2.) The old, original mailboxes that stand in place, next to their modern counterparts
3.) The wild, tropical flowers and bushes that grow in abundance... especially the tiny orange ones and the large pink ones that close at sunset... and the pale yellow ones that thrive in the shade
4.)The trees, especially on Meridian and at Flamingo Park, whose roots artistically crawl, twist and turn with vitality you can feel
5.) The world's largest collection of Streamline Moderne Art Deco Architecture which occasionally prompts the feeling you've been jolted into another era
6.) The fact that this unparalleled 30's-era-architecture was saved from destruction by a woman, Barbara Capitman
7.) The community cats, their ear tips, the fact that they will eat anything and follow certain locals who feed them in herds
8.) There's always a place to stand in the shade
9.) No matter what time of day or night, there are always people out walking or biking
10.) The fact that you're a bike ride or walk away from the beach, parks, pubs, the grocery, the pool, gym, the pet store, Lincoln Rd.- everything
11.) After it rains the way dozens of snails line the pink sidewalks, likely partaking in shell-swapping (we try not to step on them)
12.) Bike parking is always full, everywhere... the variety of bikes is delightful
13.) Riding the scooter at night, the breeze, the eternal scent of fresh air from far off places coming off the ocean
14.) Seeing beach towels draped over balconies, low and high, year round
15.) The quirkiness of a full size American Flag hanging proudly next to a full size Cuban Flag on the 4th of July
16.) The gleefully colorful lifeguard stands and watch posts- I've never seen the likes of them at any other beach
17.) The green parrots that fly freely overhead in clans, constantly noisy and lively
18.) The variety of tiny green lizards and chameleons that are everywhere!
19.) The fact that the gym is next door to a pub which is next door to a tourist shop
20.) Swoop!
21.) One of the most diverse and international cities in the country, making everyone seem more beautiful, since we're all so blessedly different 
22.) The Post Office, a must see with its enormous pillars, gorgeous marble and bewitchingly-adorned domed ceiling.

On Nov 1st we are moving away from the beach, only 10 minutes away but that seems like an eternity once you've experienced SoBe living. We know we'll miss it dearly but are grateful to be moving to midtown, an area that touts its own unique artistic flair. We will have a yard for our four dogs, more space, and pay less in rent.

That being said, I love you South Beach. I promise to visit you at least weekly. I love your ocean, trees, flowers, animals, buildings, air... bless you. Bless you Barbara Capitman for saving this city.