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22 Things to love about South Beach

1.) The atypical pink-colored clay sidewalks in residential areas
2.) The old, original mailboxes that stand in place, next to their modern counterparts
3.) The wild, tropical flowers and bushes that grow in abundance... especially the tiny orange ones and the large pink ones that close at sunset... and the pale yellow ones that thrive in the shade
4.)The trees, especially on Meridian and at Flamingo Park, whose roots artistically crawl, twist and turn with vitality you can feel
5.) The world's largest collection of Streamline Moderne Art Deco Architecture which occasionally prompts the feeling you've been jolted into another era
6.) The fact that this unparalleled 30's-era-architecture was saved from destruction by a woman, Barbara Capitman
7.) The community cats, their ear tips, the fact that they will eat anything and follow certain locals who feed them in herds
8.) There's always a place to stand in the shade
9.) No matter what time of day or night, there are always people…