Not taking our partners for granted

Sometimes I get home from work stressed out, angry and tired. Sometimes on days like that I wish I could just be 'left alone.' It's because I'm grumpy, I know it and don't want to share that kind of energy with my partner. I'm ashamed to act like an asshole with him when he has nothing to do with my bad day or personal problems.
Most days are happy ones for us, thank God and thank us for making them that way but naturally there are rough times as there are for anyone in a serious relationship.
A couple of weeks ago I was really struggling with something and did not want to be around my partner at all. I just felt better when he wasn't around... luckily this feeling only lasted for a few days off and on and I was able to do some serious self-work and work through this. It's scary when we feel badly towards our partners or ourselves. At times it seems our feelings and emotions take on a life of their own and are running the show all on their own (especially for us ladies!).
During times like these I: read therapeutic writings, do affirmations, meditate, sometimes write, dance around the living room and/or spend more time outdoors to get back on track.

Here I'm sharing what I feel is an insightful, intimate piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago on this subject:

Take Nothing for granted, especially your partner.
Your relationship is to be treasured, put on a pedastool, docked in a harbor safe from the winds of the world.
Your relationship is sacred and should be treated as such. It's sacred because of the way it made you feel when it was new. 
In the beginning you felt safe, part of something bigger, like you were 'one of the lucky few,' as if you were somehow 'beating the odds.'
You felt stronger and more secure knowing that the one who loves you is simultaneously the one you love, which is no small feat.
So, in the beginning, you knew and felt the magic of your relationship. That must live on.
We mustn't let the cruelty and let down of the outside world make us bitter at home because then bitterness is what we would share with our partners and that simply cannot be.
The relationship must be protected from the outside affects of the world as a sprouting plant is shaded from the burning sun.
The relationship must be treasured like gold, increasing in value every day, month and year it lives on~
like gold, the longer you keep it, the more rare, special and appreciated it becomes... by the world and hopefully by you.


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