All Is As It Should Be

As human beings at times we struggle, stress and worry about how to achieve things, many things. Some may be as simple as, "How will I find time to go to the grocery tonight; I have to work late but really need food!"
Others issues may be more complex like, "I need to find a new job but where do I begin? I don't have any skills needed to do what I want" or
"I'm tired of being alone. I'm anxious and worried I'll never meet the right person, and what if when I do meet the person I push him/her away because of my own issues?"
If you're plagued with some worry please be reminded: All is as it should be in the Natural World. The natural world refers to the one not burdened by our own feelings, thoughts, worries, insecurities and fears. The world outside.The world outside ourselves is very therapeutic.
When your mind is heavy with thought, worry or insecurity please go sit or stand outside and do this meditation/visualization:
Try to go where you don't have to worry about people looking at you to avoid distraction. Breathe in and out a few times, visualizing the air going through your nostrils, down your throat, into your stomach/core and out again. Know and meditate on the fact that this air is filling you with life. It is life and energy. Look at the trees and plants growing around you . Meditate on the fact that those plants and trees are constantly in a state of being... they are not thinking or doing but simply being. Take comfort in this. Realize that the trees don't age as humans age, neither do macaws, tigers, or reptiles for that matter. Stress doesn't break these forms of life down as it often breaks down human beings. We have a lot to learn from nature.
Meditate on the rising and setting of the sun daily- knowing this occurs without an alarm clock or thought to make it happen. Meditate on the moon's cycles, the moon is. The moon and sun are in a constant state of being, pure energy doing what they should do, without any stress, worry or insecurity involved. -All is as it should be in the natural world. Take comfort in this knowledge.
Now try to really connect with a tree, even if it's momentarily. Trees are made up of energy as is every living thing and you can absorb and feel this wonderful energy if you allow yourself to- lean against a tree if possible, close your eyes and feel your body as if it were part of the tree. Imagine you are that tree- always simply there, enjoying the breeze, the sun, the birds, the night, the quiet. You are not thinking. You are simply in a state of being. This is an extremely relaxing and exhilarating experience if you're open to it. It will help you without fail.

Related Affirmation: All is as it should be in the natural world. The sun-moon cycle occurs without stress or worry. The cycles of my own life reflect this worry-less natural way. Everything plays out exactly as it should in the natural world, as it does in my own life. I allow my life, energy and soul to live more in a state of being and experiencing/absorbing rather than always thinking and worrying. Through being calm, open and receptive to the Universe's/God's gifts for me I shall want for nothing.

Note: This is but one tactic/meditation/affirmation to help put your mind at ease. I practice this outdoor meditation a couple times weekly but there are many other ways I help relieve myself of stress (aside from drinking beer!). -Writing down my worries as soon as they hit me helps too- seeing them on paper all of the sudden makes them appear and feel far smaller and less significant than when they're trapped in my head.
Also, your mind may resist the positive affirmation, telling you, "but everything is not ok in my life..." don't get angry or frustrated with yourself when these negative thoughts come up- that's the way your mind has been thinking for years so naturally it resists when you try a new 'healthier' way to think.
Good luck with any and all of your worries! I was plagued by a very serious, heavy one over the past couple of days and am proud of myself for working through it. -Always grow. 


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