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All Is As It Should Be

As human beings at times we struggle, stress and worry about how to achieve things, many things. Some may be as simple as, "How will I find time to go to the grocery tonight; I have to work late but really need food!"
Others issues may be more complex like, "I need to find a new job but where do I begin? I don't have any skills needed to do what I want" or
"I'm tired of being alone. I'm anxious and worried I'll never meet the right person, and what if when I do meet the person I push him/her away because of my own issues?"
If you're plagued with some worry please be reminded: All is as it should be in the Natural World. The natural world refers to the one not burdened by our own feelings, thoughts, worries, insecurities and fears. The world outside.The world outside ourselves is very therapeutic.
When your mind is heavy with thought, worry or insecurity please go sit or stand outside and do this meditation/visualization:
Try to go wher…

Beginning this Earth Day~ 10 Simple Things You Can Do

1.)  Stop using plastic grocery bags.
I use the World Wildlife Fund bags; they are the perfect size (way bigger than ones the grocery stores sell) and very sturdy. They have nice pictures of nature and animals on them with the WWF logo which gives you a chance to promote an excellent environmental NGO and be the envy of other shoppers with your one-of-a-kind bags! Nearly every time I go to Publix someone comments on my grocery bags. And, if you're thinking, "But I use my plastic bags for stuff around the house," you're not alone. I use them too but typically get them out of the plastic bag recycle bin at the grocery store. People just use them for groceries and stick them in there so they're not dirty and they don't need to be in perfect condition to line trash cans around the house or pick up dog poop anyhow right? I even use old bread or tortilla bags to pick up the dog poo. So, there are a couple of suggestions in the bag.

2.) You don't need hot water …