Earth Day Tribute- 10 Simple Things you can DO...

Earth Day is 2 days away. It's an opportunity to honor, appreciate and put new practices into play to 'respect our Mother.' Though for me, Earth Day truly is Every Day, as cliche as it may sound. If you're reading this and unaware of the importance of environmental preservation- We have one planet made up of renewable and non-renewable resources. And should we use up our renewable resources at a quicker rate than they can be replenished they will end up in the non-renewable category, going extinct. This has already happened with numerous animal and plant species. Clean air, Oxygen, Trees, Clean Water, Sufficient Land to live off of (farming, forests, gardening, etc.) are all necessary elements for 'life as we know it' to exist and they're all in demand and, in danger.
"At present we are consuming 1.5 planets-worth of resources to support human activity" -World Wildlife Fund's Focus May/June Vol 34.
This is not an opinion, it's a calculated and scientific fact. As is this: 900 million people worldwide don't have access to clean water. -There are places, right now, where water is worth more than oil. Of course it is- what value would an expensive commodity such as oil have in comparison to a substance needed to survive?
That's the practical, scientific side of it.
A bit of the spiritual side now (can't resist).
-The same energy that causes the moon to rise and the sun to set, the same energy that causes the ebb and flow of the ocean, that makes a seed grow to a tree is within me. And you. It created us. It is us. When you break everything down to its most simple component you will find only energy (study the works of Albert Einstein, Deepak Chopra if you can't grasp this) These are not ideas I invented but that scientists, the greatest ones of our times, have discovered! All is one and one is all. Another way to look at it, God is everything or God is nothing. -It's the same principal. We are all connected. And animals... they are sentient beings.  They deserve their place on this planet as much as you and I do. There are 7,008,272,059 humans living on this planet- US Census. Keep that in mind and contemplate now, there are less than 800 Mountain Gorillas left in the world, less than 500 Siberian Tigers, less than 10,000 Blue Whales left... just to name a few iconic species. That's not a very fair distribution is it? 
Most people are decent human beings. I truly believe that. We are all doing the best that we can at any give time but, if this is our overall best, regarding Mother Earth, it's just not enough. 
-Earth will go on without us, without the trees, plants, animals or people- gravity will continue to pull her on it's axis (have no idea how that works!) but we, life as we know it will not go on should we continue at this rate! So you see, "Save the Earth! Protect your Mother!" etc., really mean "Protect Us- Protect Life as We Know It!" And we should. -We're worth it. Us- Humans... complex, intelligent, sentient beings Animals... beautiful, amazing species, of all colors, shapes, sizes and variety Plants... exotic, native, sprawling, tall, hovering or covering Water... calm, cool, salty, fresh, flowing, rushing... WE ARE ALL WORTH PROTECTING. So let's do it! This was supposed to be an entry stating 10 simple things you can do to help the planet and it will be... I'll just have to make it a separate entry on another day... Earth Day right? -Now, I need to ride my bike and get off the computer!! LOVE YOU- as in YOU love YOU. 


  1. Is just incredible how small acts can make millions change the way to see our world !! Great blog !!!


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