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Earth Day Tribute- 10 Simple Things you can DO...

Earth Day is 2 days away. It's an opportunity to honor, appreciate and put new practices into play to 'respect our Mother.' Though for me, Earth Day truly is Every Day, as cliche as it may sound. If you're reading this and unaware of the importance of environmental preservation- We have one planet made up of renewable and non-renewable resources. And should we use up our renewable resources at a quicker rate than they can be replenished they will end up in the non-renewable category, going extinct. This has already happened with numerous animal and plant species. Clean air, Oxygen, Trees, Clean Water, Sufficient Land to live off of (farming, forests, gardening, etc.) are all necessary elements for 'life as we know it' to exist and they're all in demand and, in danger.
"At present we are consuming 1.5 planets-worth of resources to support human activity" -World Wildlife Fund's Focus May/June Vol 34.
This is not an opinion, it's a calculated…

How to distinguish a true friend from everyone else

Now a days it seems to be tricky to distinguish a true friend from: who you may want to be a true friend, who looks like a true friend, who pretends to be a true friend, who wants to be a true friend but you're not letting in, who could be a true friend but you are both too busy, etc.
In grade school and high school it's easy (for most) to have a solid group of friends and for many, those friends are the ones you keep for life. However for others, including me, losing touch with friends becomes part of growing up. I had a great, solid group of girlfriends in grade school. They all went on to the same high school, and I went to a different one (due to district and family budget) and we lost touch. They are all still very close, from what I can tell via facebook and the grapevine, all but me that is! 
I do not feel regretful about this. I was always and eager to meet and be with many different types of people and had I went on to the same high school with the same old group of …