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-To 'follow your gut' you must be first be open to hear its message

Has anyone ever told you, "Just follow your gut/heart?"
Of course they have, most likely you hear it every time you're presented with a perplexing choice or in a state of confusion.
However has anyone told you how to follow your gut, how to get in tune with what your heart truly wants? It can be trickier than it sounds.
Better yet, has anyone said those 4 words (just follow your gut) only to ridicule or warn you, laugh at you or even look at you like you're stark crazy when you share what it is your gut is actually telling you? -Of course they have.... many people are so closed off from their true desires and purpose in life that they cringe when someone else is brave enough to actually tap in to their own. It scares them and they're doing what they've been taught to do since childhood- fear the unknown. That's what we've all been taught.
I have struggled and worked for years of my life trying to break the code of knowing what to do/what I'm supp…