Why Love is Never Out-dated- Valentines Tribute

Originally written and published on my blog 2/12/12...

I'm writing about Love, in honor of Valentine's day. One may question, "What could anyone possibly say about  Love that hasn't already been said a million times, in a million different ways?"
The answer is- nothing. I cannot say a single thing new or original about Love
Reason being: it existed long before you and me. It is the original. Every amazing, loving feeling I've ever felt, and you've ever felt, whether it be for our pets, a tree, our Moms, our kids, our partners- has been felt by eons of people and animals before us, and will be felt by eons of people and animals after us. -That recognition alone puts Love into perspective and makes it more perplexing all at once. Love has been around since the beginning of time, and if you really want to delve, Love began time as we know it- all creation is of good and of Love. Now, once "it's" created and grows , that's another story... anything can happen. But creation itself is of good and love. 
The interesting thing is- even though it has been around forever Love never gets old. It never loses its shine, sincerity or appeal. When you compare it to material items such as: a car, a dress, a favorite dish, a hair style, it's impressive to think, these 'trends' and items get old, worn out within  a few years, months or even weeks. Love, the feeling you get when you hug your dog, go on a jog, sit in a park, see your grandmother, do something good for yourself or hold your partner, never becomes passe. That feeling is so good, so tangible, so genuine, so real, more real than anything man-made in fact, that words become inadequate to express its greatness. 
And I guess that's what makes it so great... pure Love is so great that it becomes impossible to explain or describe. That's wild. -How many times have you heard a love-sick teenager say, "I just can't explain how he or she makes me feel," or "I can't put my finger on it but ________ makes me feel so good!" Well, they really mean it. It's beyond expression.
Love is well and alive in 2012. It is available to all who choose to tap into it, to be open to it. It is there for the taking, the sharing, for the love of it! 
Love is abundant... it will never perish, it will never run out. It is a completely sustainable resource available to all. And, Love is contagious. Love is free... 'Free Love man!'.
And Love has nothing to do with you being in a relationship, unless you choose for it to take on that meaning. Some of the greatest, purest Love  I've felt in my life has been for animals. It's so important to experience different kinds of Love. Be open to any Love that comes to you- if it's truly Love, it's good, but don't make it something it's not- Love cannot be bent or folded or contorted to your liking, it must be left simply as Love. -Just accept it... after all it is the purest sense of joy and the most infinite feeling available to us as human beings.
Related Affirmation: Love is infinitely available to me and all of life on this earth. Love is unlimited and I can tap into it at any time. -I now see my heart glowing a radiant, golden color, with beautiful rays echoing out of my chest, blessing everyone and thing around me with Love in its purest form. I bless the world with Love and its mirrored back to me. I am a channel for Love to work through for the betterment of all. 
photo taken from 'pure love by mupuciite,' source google.com