Why in order to Prosper & be Fruitful you must 1st truly believe you deserve it

Do you know someone who is constantly given seemingly golden opportunities only to throw them away?
At first the person may be thrilled with the job offer, the lease, the smart, witty, attractive partner but within a short time he or she does something to sabotage the relationship, get fired or just 'have to leave' the great job... barely misses the lease deadline, etc.
This may even sound like you. I don't know.
Then there are those individuals who aren't even the brightest, cutest or even most likable, but they seem to succeed in all their endeavors.
-When there is an underlying belief that you don't 'deserve' what life is offering you, there's no way for you to keep it. Oftentimes a person doesn't even know he bears this psychological burden. It can be quite cunning and complex.
I was reminded of this just yesterday. -I have been making and selling candles for approx. 6 months; this is a new business and typically it's not easy to sell the candles, as is the case with most new items to the market. -Right there I said it, "it's not easy to sell the candles." That's apparently my core belief, therefore that's what will play out in my life (to a degree). Anyhow, back to my point, I was selling candles to my local postal workers at the P.O. on Friday afternoon. I was given a 20 dollar bill by the first woman, gave her $8 change, given $24 (a 20 and 4 ones) by another guy and lastly given another $24 (a 20 and 4 ones) by the 3rd purchaser. When I went to put the last woman's money away and saw 2 20s, I immediately said, "Oh I think that lady had 2 bills stuck together, she gave me too much, I have too much money..."
I said that, went to the woman and 'returned' the $20, explaining what had happened.
About 10 minutes later when I made my next stop and counted my money I realized I was $20 short. I concluded it must had 'flown out of my bag' as I rode my bike. Ha.Ha. -The mind and its mysterious ways.
Caught up in the moment of candle-selling I couldn't believe that I was actually selling candles so easily, almost effortlessly! That just 'couldn't be,' so I unconsciously gave away some of the profit- I was unable and unwilling to accept my success at that moment (on a subconscious level).
Unfortunately I could give you a lot more examples of this 'condition'  that have played out in my life, and instances in which I lost far more than $20, but I won't. It's depressing. -And this is meant to be uplifting, help others realize they may be creating this cycle in their own lives. And actually it's not even depressing because I have learned so much. I'm still learning and growing and working on this every day...
 anytime you're working with the ego, the id, whatever you want to call it, it's ALWAYS a work in progress.
In this instance yesterday, for example I caught it within 10 minutes. I know people that cannot hold onto anything of value- they undoubtedly blow it, lose it, give it away, ruin it, you name it, and have no clue as to why they do it!
So- we're all works in progress.
Related Affirmation: I accept all of the good the Universe offers me. I open my arms and heart to the abundance of goodness coming to me. Whatever I want or need comes to me easily and effortlessly. I am worthy of greatness, the very best. I am here to be happy and do well, not to struggle. 


  1. You goofball!!! Your "mistake" TOTALLY pains me. I can physically feel tightness in my stomach over it. That says something about me I'm sure. Ugh!

    Nice message, everyone can take something from this. Including (or maybe especially) me.


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