What an Unaltered Dog will do to get It's Fix, Why Neuter

    Miami is a city where many residents oppose spaying and neutering their dogs. 

    Trust me, I know. I worked and volunteered at the municipal shelter there. 
    During my tenure at the shelter I conducted Volunteer Orientation weekly. I had to get across to new volunteers (and customers) what an unaltered pet goes through. The best analogy I came up with was- what a drug addict goes though.
    The intact male dog... let's make it a well-trained, loving, family pet for example's sake: This is a dog that plays fetch with the kids, sits and shakes on command, is docile, kind with everyone, even strangers. This is a great dog, that still has his balls. This dog, Fido, we'll say, stays in the yard while his family is at work, around 8 hrs/day. That's a normal scenario for many American (at least many Miami dogs) dogs right?

A very sweet dog, Raleigh, that belongs to a friend of mine.

    Most days Fido sleeps, marks the fence, does typical dog stuff around the yard. However one day, a female dog in heat is a couple of blocks away (remember- dogs can smell up to miles away). Fido goes crazy- he has to get to that female dog! All is forgotten- his commands, tricks, loving family that has housed and adored him for years- out the window. NOTHING matters to Fido in this moment except for reaching the female. The 4 ft. fence that usually is a sufficient barrier becomes surmountable in an instant. 

Fido attempts to jump the fence...
Scenario 1: His collar gets caught on the fence and he hangs himself there, dying slowly. 
Scenario 2: He clears the fence with no problem, runs down the road and is hit by a car, and hurt (or killed). 
Scenario 3: He's street smart, finds the female, along with 3 other male dogs who have picked up on the scent and proceeds to fight and engage in wild pack behavior. 
Scenario 4: He impregnates the female dog, finds his way home and no one ever knows it even happened. 
The female is alone, stray and will have a litter of unwanted pups. And Fido's not paying child support. None of these are positive outcomes are they?

    And this is very similar to what a drug addict goes through on a binge: A loving father, devoted husband and hard worker can transform in an instant- should he have a problem with a drug that suddenly becomes available to him. He may go missing for days, blow his entire pay check, lose his wallet, phone, end up in the ghetto... you name it, right?
If you're someone thinking my unaltered dog example is 'extreme,' please consider this one true story:

    It was nearly closing time at Miami Dade Animal Services. I was behind the front counter taking care of the last customer or two when in walks a man in his early 40's, sobbing hysterically, holding a limp, wiry haired, 30- something pound, little gray dog in his arms. A woman was with him. He was screaming, "¡Este es mi hijo, mi único hijo, Dios!" (this is my son, my only son, my God!). It was horrendous. My stomach sank, as I quickly assessed by the dog's posture- it was deceased. However the man could not accept that. He cried out for a vet. I ran to get the vet on duty; I was not going to deny him that. I explained as the Dr. and I walked that the dog was dead, but that the man was in a shocked state of denial.          She hurried the man and woman into a small examining room, laid the dog on the metal table, searched for a heartbeat which could not be found and declared the dog was dead. The man sobbed loudly, almost ghostly, stating he had never had kids, that this dog was his baby, his only baby.
    The woman with him explained: they had been out on his small deck, three stories up, cooking out, when his dog ran out, barking at a stray female dog passing by below. The dog jumped. He didn't fall, according to her, but jumped. He was suddenly frantic to get to the dog below. He was not neutered.
    I could share other similar stories but won't, not now. It's too sad.     
    If you have a dog, go hug it. And if it's not yet altered, please consider taking care of that A.S.A.P. (before something tragic happens). 

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