Escape from the Self

What do you think about most of the time? On your days off, on your break at work or even while you're working, what's going through your mind? Most likely you're thinking about upcoming dates, what needs to get done, where you need to be, things to be accomplished by You.
We all must plan, logically. There are many, many things to do, always. However let us contemplate: when focusing all of your energy and thought on what you should be doing, or what you are doing, accomplishing, etc., you're cutting off the chance to be in tune with the source of True Energy and knowledge in this world, this universe. You are so focused on the details of your day, week, month, etc., so busy thinking, always, that you disconnect from that which can truly let you be your best, and do your best. You can refer to it as your Higher Self, Universal Light, God, whatever you so desire. The name doesn't matter. Choose what is comfortable for you. What's important is- true intuition, a sense of knowing and being in tune can only be accomplished when you're connected to the higher source of Energy that's within every living thing. And this isn't as complicated to accomplish as it may sound. It's quite natural. All you have to do is- get out of the way sometimes. Let your thoughts go, just for a few minutes each day-don't think. Feel. Just Be. It takes practice but you can do it! We spend nearly all of our time in rapid, anxious thought and anticipation so just the relaxing effect this will provide should help greatly.
Related Affirmation: The same Energy which causes the ebb and flow of the ocean, the rising and setting of the sun, the blossoming of the flower, the wind to blow- is within me. The Energy that moves the tides and blows the sand is in and of me. All is one. One is all. I accept this Energy flow in my life and allow myself to get more in tune with it every passing day. 


  1. "If you don't know where your heart is, watch your mind to see where it goes when it wanders." -- don't know who said this, but it's related a little to your blog message here.

    Actively watching your mind to see where it goes demands some effort and focus, and can be a healthy way of introspection.

    Nice blog message Jess.


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