Signs my Deceased Dog was OK part II

After Sasha's tragic death
    I was depressed for some time.  I cried a lot.  I thought I heard her walking through the house.  I took a photo of her empty crate, hoping to miraculously see her in the developed photo as 'proof' she was O.K.  I hugged her blanket nightly. 
    One day I sat in bed and watched t.v. (awe, life before kids right?!).  -Back then we had DISH, this was in 2006.  I never really watched the cartoon channel by myself but for some reason on this day I flicked through and stopped on the cartoon, or maybe it was a Disney channel.  
    By chance the movie, "All Dogs Go to Heaven Part II," was on.  This was a coincidence I thought since Sasha had recently been killed and I was heavily mourning her.  I left the movie on for a minute and quickly discovered, the lead female dog character's name was Sasha.  This comforted me.  I did feel it was a sign in a way... but I wanted a bigger one... I wanted to see her ghost or something but, this was n…

Signs my Deceased Dog was OK, Part 1

In 2006 I was 26 years old. I had been married, graduated from college and bought my first house, all within a year. 
  -So it was an exciting time.  "Why not adopt a dog," I thought naively. 
I mean we had a house, and a mostly-fenced-in-yard, so a dog made sense. We already had a cat and a bird.
    So I went to the municipal shelter, naively.      I wanted a puppy, naively.      None were really jumping out at me as I thought should happen so I somewhat randomly settled on a little caramel-colored and white 10 week old bully breed.      After choosing my puppy with about as much forethought as I'd use to choose a dress, I was walked down a concrete hallway of the shelter by a halfway house worker, doing his time 'working' (very well and diligently I might add). 
    Another halfway house worker crossed our paths... with a puppy in his arms. 
I stopped in my tracks and said, "I want that one."     "But you already picked yours, that cute little pittie boy…

Copy of Letter to Tire Discounters

December 05, 2018

Tire Discounters Corporate Office,

    On November 28th, a Wednesday, I took my car to your 9514 Preston Hwy. Louisville, KY. 40229 store.     I took my car there for an alignment since the steering wheel was pulling slightly to the left after having had it balanced elsewhere. The place that balanced it didn't have equipment to align it which is why I took it to Tire Discounters for the alignment.
    The staff was welcoming and friendly. Within a few minutes the 'sales person,' Mr. Jamie Howard, called me back to show me the problem- it needed new control arms. Jamie and the mechanic showed me the bushings of the control arms were eroded and said they should be replaced so I'd enjoy the smoother ride I was after.
    I wasn't anticipating the need to change any parts when I walked into Tire Discounters so this caught me off guard. And speaking of guard, I didn't have mine up as I wasn't aware a tire shop had sales people on staff. Bu…

To Foster or Not Foster a Child for DCBS

As a practitioner of positivity I did not want to hear it...
All the negative responses upon mentioning our plans to foster a child.  And, don't get me wrong, I only mentioned it to close friends, a few family members and women I perceived would be supportive of our plan.
    But even those few people, my mother, grandmother, women with advanced degrees that work or worked in social work, my childcare provider... were not encouraging with the idea to foster a child.  I was surprised and saddened by this and resolved to buckle down that much more on the idea to foster a child. 

    "All the negative stigma that goes along with fostering only proves to me we're that much more needed you know?" I said to my husband one evening. 
    He agreed. Both of us were a little nervous but on board to foster a child. 
    Our 4-year-old son, Sam, loved the idea of having a 'foster brother' to play with too!
The primary reasons I want to foster a child are:
-I sincerely want to h…

Kentucky Mutts Foster Parents, What to Know!

The greatest benefits to fostering for Kentucky Mutts Fosters are:
1.) You don't need to find a home for your foster pet.  When I started fostering back in 2006 (for a municipal shelter), I had to find homes for my foster dogs. There wasn't another option available to them! This was and still is extremely rewarding but, as a busy mom that works, fostering for Ky. Mutts is great in that... I don't have the task or responsibility of finding a loving home for these fosters. 

2.) You know where your foster dog is going when he or she leaves your care. You will know to which rescue, in which city and state, your dog is going.  Ky. Mutts works in partnership with a larger transport rescue group, Mobile Mutts. 
These 2 rescues 'pull' dogs from high kill shelters in southern states, and rescue dogs from compromising situations. 
From there the dogs are placed in foster care (this is where you come in!) until their transport date. On the dogs' transport date, they're taken …

How to Become a Professional, Independent Dog Walker

I've been an independent, professional dog walker for nearly 5 years now. 
    So, in this post, as I offer you suggestions, I'm speaking from experience. -Let's go ahead and make that our first topic!

    1.) Experience will set you apart from the competition in this field. But how do you get experience if you're just starting out? 
-Easy. -Volunteer at a local animal shelter as a dog handler/walker/socialization coach. Volunteering is a great way to get experience with all different sizes, types and personalities of dogs... and it's highly rewarding. With even an hour or two weekly, for several weeks, you'll get the ball rolling. This also looks great on your resume. -Have business cards handy whenever you volunteer; you just might pick up your first customer as you  volunteer! 
    You could also offer to do dog walking at a reduced rate for your friends and family members just to get some experience and build up a reference list. 

    2.) References are a mu…

What is a REDUCETARIAN and Am I One?

When I came across an article on the "reducetarian movement," I chuckled (another movement?!)... and felt invigorated.
    From ages 17-25 I was a vegetarian. But one night at a cookout after having a few beers those grilled chicken legs looked and smelled really good. I had endured months of being surrounded by meat-eaters with my then-husband, Jose. In my inebriated state I caved; I ate chicken legs and loved them.
Since then I've been eating meat... conscientiously

    I do not eat pork for example.    When I worked for AFLAC years ago I had an open enrollment at Purdue Sausage Factory. After finishing my enrollments I said I wanted to see where the pigs were killed.      "Are you sure?" asked the employee.     "Yes, I can handle it. I want to see what it's really like," I said.  So he walked me down to the factory where the large pigs were brought to the slaughter line, via a conveyor belt. They didn't even get to walk into the building from th…